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Installation and Maintenance Tips for Tapered Roller Bearings by Exporters

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While ignoring a small component in the pipe mill – even roller bearings- can results in excessive downtime. It’s essential to grasp installation and maintenance methods to extend the service life of tapered roller bearings. Exporters have recently studied market response for installation tips and thus, here we have got few points to make your bearings efficient and high performing.

taper roller bearings

Generally people focus more on other components instead of installing and maintaining tube and pipe mill parts. Most of the time it happens when people overlook out-of-sight components like taper roller bearings; this doesn’t warrant as much consideration as complicated and expensive equipments like welding unit. But one should know that nothing can replace downtime that costs same regardless of the root cause of the failure or issue. In case the user is tearing apart his tooling faster to replace bearings inside the application, it will consume more time on preparation. Bearing installation can extend the service life of the machine and diminish its downtime.


Preloading of bearings with professional assistance is must. Preload refers to the amount of rotational force denoted by inch-pounds; it is required to rotate a shaft consistently while the tapered rolling bearings are aptly tightened. Excessive preload can cause premature bearing failure, says Taper roller bearing manufacturers and exporters.

Things to do:

You need to determine the preload value and in case you are unable to do it, ask for expert assistance for the same. Suppliers can help in such cases and perform preloading without seals. The two factors you need to consider- lubricant type and bearing condition- as these affect the preload value. Generally used bearings have lower preload value as compared to brand new bearings.

You need to make assembly which will hold the shafts or bearing blocks to help you in performing the preload process. You must make an adapter to connect the torque wrench to the shaft. Apply some amount of grease at the outside races prior preloading.Follow manufacturer’s guideline for installation process.

How to maintain bearings?

Lubrication is the key to make bearings durable and last for years. Using proper lubricating tools and lubricant can help you maintaining your bearings for longer years.